Minimalist Sofa Hemlingby Ikea

Everyone wants to have a comfortable living room, almost every home has a minimalist style living room. By changing the layout of your living room, you certainly need minimalist style items. Don’t store stuff in the living room. Minimalist style living room will certainly make the guest to your home feel comfortable and comfortable. The […]

Posted by on June 5, 2020

G1 – Gatling Gun

The FULL SIZE Gatlin Gun is made out of poplar wood and stands 55″ high and is 46″ long. Each of the twelve rotating barrels stretches twelve 6″ rubber band to a 25″ length, for a total of 144 bands when fully loaded.  The adrenaline pumping sensation of unloading a continuous stream of rubber bands is achieved […]

109 – .45 Magnum

colt 45 – 12 shot repeater This is a mid-range pistol with style! Its gently curving pistol grip is both comfortable and attractive. Don’t forget to order your ammo from the bottom of the page. Free postage on all orders…. 10″ long 9″ band stretch

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